Al Jameson

''Inspire Before You Expire''


About the Speaker- Dr. Al Jameson is a chiropractor, festival organizer, yoga instructor, and anatomy professor. Contributing to and hosting transformational events have become his calling. He is the founder and CEO of Unique Mindful Events, a platform for online community, event consulting, and ticketing for all mindful events. He is co-founder of Ecstatic Forest Festival, a 5-day transformational festival in Austin, Texas. He teaches with compassion while incorporating a practical understanding of anatomy into his lessons. Al is an avid vanlifer, board game enthusiast, and karaoke singer.

Presentation Title – Inspire Before You Expire

Presentation Description – Breath is the most basic requirement of life. Oftentimes we learn breathing techniques without understanding how and why they benefit us. In this interactive workshop, learn how your breath actually works while also playing with the breath. The nervous system, skeleton, muscles, connective tissue, and lungs all beautifully coordinate to control the breath. Learn to play with different aspects of the breathing apparatus and then apply the lessons to 2 different kinds of breathing techniques.

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