Christi Flynn

Achieving Awesomeness - Co presenting with Lisa Wilson



Christi Flynn is a certified health counselor, life coach, yoga teacher and meditation specialist.

She started her career in pharmaceuticals but soon found the value in plant therapies and jumped into holistics.  She built a successful health and nutrition practice on the East coast and taught hundreds of women how to become entrepreneurs.  She’s been coach to sales teams, politicians, stay-at-home moms, teen athletes, religious figures and many more.

She believes that people become leaders in their community, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.  That our fears and self-limiting beliefs hold us back, dictating how we treat ourselves and ultimately who we become.  And that empowering others is the natural consequence of living an authentic life in connection with your highest-self.

Christi’s mission is to help people look differently at their subconscious thoughts, feelings or routines and teach them to rewire limiting beliefs so they can create new habits that allow them to live the inspired life they crave.

She’s a holistic living enthusiast and recently relocated from the political scene in Washington DC to desert life in the Las Vegas area.  She has 3 kids, 2 dogs and loves to travel and explore the natural world as much as possible.  You’ll probably find her doing handstands on a kayak, up a tree branch, in a vortex or on the edge of a cliff.



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