Lisa Wilson, CHC, CRFE

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Lisa is a CHC, or Certified Health Coach. She is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mom to three.

For over a decade, Lisa has been taking students through one-week cleansing retreats, to explore highest human potential. Lisa is the Founder and Owner of: The Raw Food Institute. She is a Blue Diamond in DoTerra (top 2%) and is passionate about sharing the message of natural plant therapies + Essential Oils.

Lisa Wilson is on a life mission to explore the Journey of the Soul. She understands that the soul is sculpted over this lifetime. So we can carefully and deliberately choose activities we would like to learn and then follow the path and enjoy the soul’s journey.

Perhaps her biggest ah-ha in life came from the observation that we can challenge even our core beliefs by asking this simple question: “Is this my truth, or something I was taught to believe?” And the best way to approach a topic, without bias, is to get the body clean and clear. Once the mind is clear, the mind is open to possibilities it was once closed to observing. It is this continuous challenging of beliefs in life, that allows for reflection and transformation of the self.

Lisa is living proof that you can make a living, doing what you love, and thus attract the people into your life who will collaborate with you, on your biggest dreams. These people are our co-collaborators and our soul tribe.

Lisa’s life philosophy is to always have an upcoming challenge to be striving for. Whether it is to write a new book, take your business to the next level, physically compete in an event, or book an adventure vacation. The excitement and preparation are most of the fun!

Lisa is an international speaker and has spoken on some of the biggest stages which include: Take Back your health Summit, Raw Living Expo, Pure Living Expo, CAHH, Annie Appleseed, and numerous podcasts. She is a co-author of three books, including her most recent release called Sacred Spaces, 2022.

Lisa lives in Connecticut, with her family. The family likes pushing boundaries together! They like to do challenging hikes, explore the corners of the earth with travel, snorkel in corners of the ocean, and love with great big hearts. Most importantly, co-create the next chapter in this extraordinary life!

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